WisdomTeachings” is the title of a series of teachings based upon the oldest known religious and philosophical teachings in Man’s history. Handed down through the ages, they were – for a very long time – kept secret, because it was felt that some of the higher wisdom was likely to be dangerous in the hands of the Spiritually unprogressed.

As a result of this need for secrecy, many Orders and Societies came into being – the original Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and a number of the earlier Christian sects were among those who guarded the Wisdom Teachings and kept them from those whom they considered ‘profane’.

Today, largely due to the expansion of the human consciousness and the growing disaffection of so many thinking people for the old hidebound orthodox religions, these teachings are becoming more and more sought after, especially by those who can see – and understand – the present need.

Theosophy and Modern Spiritualism are perhaps the best of the present day channels for these teachings – at least in the Western world. Even so, both of these are, at times, severely limited by the narrowness of the point of view of many of those who follow them. Spiritualism, for instance, is based upon a sublime philosophy which, when rightly understood, will change the state of the world. But its deeper aspects are very often sacrificed to ‘Mediumship and the Message’.

Ivor James, for many years, studied and practised these teachings, and distilled from them the essence which is presented in these lectures in.a simplified form. Here are to be found the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth; some of the Yogi Masters and teachers – Yogi Ramacharaka, Alice Bailey, Annie Besant, Vera Stanley Alder and many others – not forgetting that enigmatic, much-maligned purveyor of Wisdom, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Experience and Inspiration have added to the store of knowledge which now emerges in the Wisdom Teachings.

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