Ivor James, medium, psychic artist, lecturer and musician, was born in January, 1922 in Carnoustie, a small town on the East coast of Scotland, and passed into Spirit in December, 1998.

From the earliest age, he showed a remarkable interest in, and aptitude for, music and drawing, two talents which were to be essential to the fulfillment of his chosen tasks and pathway in this life.

Unlike so many mediums, he showed no signs of any unusual psychic abilities as a young child, although one of his childhood sayings ran:.“When I was an old, old man….”. .Later, in his teens, he often used to try his hand at telling fortunes with cards, or reading hands, with sometimes disconcerting results: many of the things he foretold came true!

Even so, there was no mention of “Spirits” or “Mediums” at that time. .In fact, this was a very down-to-earth family, with no interest in any kind of religion. .Ivor was much more interested in the adventures of Robin Hood and his Merry Men than in anything else – apart from drawing. .There never was any doubt about his talent in that direction.

The whole family – Ivor, his father, mother and two brothers – were musically talented, both parents having been professionally involved with the theatre. .So Ivor grew up in that kind of atmosphere.

In 1946, whilst serving with the R.A.F., he took what was to be the most significant step towards his ultimate goal in life. .He met – and married – Margery. .They were the best of friends. .Fifty years later, his comment was: .“Without Marge, none of this would have got off the ground!” .And they remained the best of friends. .Ivor always said that: .“I reckon I’m like a bit of theatrical scenery . . .. looks good from the front, but has to be propped up from behind!”

Together, they embarked upon an adventure into life here – and life hereafter. .Life here brought many interesting experiences, and not a few problems. .Or, at least, what seemed at the time to be problems. .“In fact, ” said Ivor, “we eventually learned that there are no such things as problems – only points of view.” ..Life hereafter never, at any time, presented any “problems” at all. .For both of them, it always seemed to be the most natural thing in the world (this one and the next!).

Ivor’s theatrical upbringing, together with his talent for drawing and his natural psychic abilities, eventually combined to make him one of the most widely-acclaimed psychic artists in this country – and several others. .He readily acknowledged that some of it was due to the interest shown, and the help given, by Tom Johansen and his wife, Coral Polge. .As Secretary of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, Tom invited Ivor to work there – thus giving him the opportunity to become known.

But the deeper, underlying philosophy of the One Eternal Spirit was always Ivor’s greatest interest. .There can be no doubt that this is what he wanted to do – to absorb and pass on the sublime yet simple truths of the Life Eternal, and the eventual fulfillment of the Divine Plan for Mankind: The unfoldment of the God-in-Man.

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