Ivor James (1922 – 1998) was a true gift to humanity and here we offer present and future generations the opportunity to experience the wisdom he accumulated throughout his life, as well as sharing in the gifts he gave to the world through his work.

Ivor created several dozen cassette recordings which have since been remodelled, both as CDs and in MP3 format, for us all to share and enjoy in the 21st Century.  27 of these are in the form of inspirational and empowering Lectures – spoken in his own unique, profound style – which include a range of esoteric subjects, entitled: “The Wisdom Teachings”. These recordings are guaranteed to take you to a whole new level of awareness of self.

Ivor also produced an intense and entrancing set of 5 recordings entitled “Music & Meditation”, which has touched the hearts and souls of all who have taken the time to listen.

And lastly, a series of 9 recordings entitled “Music for Relaxation”, designed for just that purpose, whether you just want to “chill out”, or use them as background for healing.

Ivor’s mastery of his spiritual self also enabled him to channel a wise old Red Indian, known as White Moon, who shares his philosophy of the future of mankind and of the unfoldment of the Great Plan.

If you are on a path towards experiencing greater awareness and a higher level of consciousness and enlightenment, Ivor’s work will guide you effortlessly along your way.

Please enjoy.


Teach me to Love – The Prayer
Ancient Wisdom

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